The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Your blog theme is important not from an SEO point of view, but from a customer optimization point of view. I remember talking to an older Internet marketer that chose not to do business with one company because of its color scheme. It seems strange, but he had a point. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

“If I start marketing their products,” he said, “I will have to stare at that color scheme all day long. It is too dark and it is too hard to read. I don’t need the eyestrain.”

The thing was, the site appealed to me visually, but it had a black background with a light gray font which, while stunning, was hard to read. In addition, the font was small, which made it an enormous turn off to my older friend.

Pick your blog’s theme carefully
All the optimization in the world will not help you turn a profit if your customers don’t want to stay. You can get creative and artistic with your headers and stuff, but when it comes to your basic color scheme, light backgrounds and simple fonts work best. Aim for a good contrast with a dark font and light background. Other than that, anything goes.

Premium WordPress Themes – Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face facts, not all sites need analytics. If you have a five page simple website then analytics are not for you. There is little that can be gleaned from analytics on a simple website that cannot be gleaned from a web counter on a small site.

On big sites, however, analytics come into their own. A website does not have to be a whole lot bigger than five pages for analytics to make sense. Once you start fleshing out your page with content, it is time for analytics, why? Because you want to know what works.

Analytics allows you, the webmaster to monitor which parts of your site are getting hits and which parts are not. Alexa does not cut it in this regard. The sort of information that constitutes real business intelligence is generally provided on a subscription basis. It is affordable, so it is relatively easy to bring it into your site as you begin to build it.

If you are interested in the potential that analytics can offer your site, please do not hesitate to contact us at Brick Marketing.

Premium WordPress Themes – Site Search

One great tool you can use to improve your SEO and the user experience on your website is called Site Search. Google Analytics allows you to track what your users are searching for. You can see what pages they are on when they search and where they end up. Then you use the information you gather from the analytics tool to improve the SEO of your website and the experience of your users based on what they’ve searched for on your site.

Site Search is easy to set up, but there is a free and a paid version. Which you use is up to you, but I’d definitely put it on your website, especially if you have a website that has a lot of pages on it. Some of the great information about your site visitors that you can gain from the tool are:

  • Search terms they use
  • Start pages
  • Destination pages
  • Categories they search for
  • Trending allows you to see individual user statistics over time
  • Segments lets you group your users and see how they act as groups

It’s the perfect tool for large websites with lots of information.

Who’s Your GoDaddy? Google Tag Teams Webmaster Tools

At BlogWorld, an audience member asked me to share my #1 SEO recommendation for bloggers. Tough question, right? I told the audience that every blogger should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools.

Andy Beal’s advice is stellar. GoDaddy is one of the best web hosts online and no blogger should go one day without Google Webmaster Tools. The information you get as a part of Google Webmaster Tools is unquestionably the best you can get anywhere. You can manage your Google AdWords account, read the Google blog, add your sitemaps, report spam and paid links, check your gmail messages, and they have a host of other features as well.

And GoDaddy? What do they have to offer? That’s easy:

  • Hosting plans starting at $3.99 per month
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Firewalls
  • Dedicated servers
  • Up to 2,000 GB data transfer
  • Up to 200 GB disk space

When it comes to webmaster tools for you small online business, Google and GoDaddy make a good team.

Brick Marketing Launches New Blog: Website Marketing Journal

Last week, Brick Marketing launched another blog. The Website Marketing Journal is focused on bringing daily blog posts to help website owners improve their overall marketing efforts for each website they own. Going beyond search engine optimization and web page design, Website Marketing Journal is devoted to covering the full scope of marketing a website without it being too broad of a subject matter.

Website Marketing Journal was officially launched on September 1, 2007. Since then, Brick Marketing has posted five blog posts, including:

  • Understanding Website Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Marketing Tools For Building Your Safe List
  • Easy Ways To Boost Your Website’s Lead Generation Potential
  • Branding Your Website
  • Choosing Better Keywords For Website Search Engine Optimization

Over the next few weeeks, Website Marketing Journal will cover the following topics more in depth:

  • Website branding
  • Website customer management
  • Website lead generation
  • Website local advertising
  • Website marketing content
  • Website marketing tools
  • Website sales
  • Website search engine marketing
  • Website search engine optimization

For daily insights on how to make the most of your website marketing potential through organic search strategies as well as through other effective website marketing tools, be sure to read the Website Marketing Journal.

Premium WordPress Themes – Query Information

As you know, the queries used to find your website in search results can change over time. Your website content changes, as do the needs of all the busy searchers out there. Whether the queries associated with your site change subtly or dramatically, it’s pretty useful to see how they transform over time.

This is a useful feature. If you want to know how queries that led to increased traffic to your site have changed over time, now you can get this information at Google’s Webmaster Central. This has been a useful tool for webmasters all along, but now it’s even better.

Google is now letting webmasters see this information as far back as 6 months. If certain search queries that found your site six months ago aren’t leading to results for you now, you can go back and analyze that and find out why. Maybe you’ve watered down your SEO or maybe people aren’t using certain queries as much as they were six months ago. People do change their search habits based on past search experiences and they do get better at it.

In all, I’d say this feature is long overdue. I’m glad they’ve come up with it.

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