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Methods To Find Users On Skype By Their Name

search skype users Skype is one of the wonderful applications for message, video and voice call chat with your friends. Skype has an integrated search feature that searches and finds the peoples based on their email address, name or even skype name. The find results could be used to connect with the specific person or other users profile search measures by age, region or gender.

Kinds of Names

Skype users may use two types of names are full names and skype names. Skype names are surname chosen by Skype users when creating an account. Full names are a user’s official name, yet a few users can give fictitious names, creating it tougher to discover them. When you find out some of your friends in contacts utilizing their original names, endeavor to find the client names they regularly use online.

Searching friends

To search for users on Skype, you want to use the Skype application; you will find users through Skype’s software site. Here are few steps to search friends on online Skype:

  • Double pop the application icon on the desktop to open.
  • Sign in to your personal Skype account. If you have no skype accounts, then sign up to create a new account by choosing the app menu on the Skype’s homepage.
  • Select the “contacts” option then choose to find skype contacts.
  • Type the email address, full name or person’s Skype name in the afterward presented in the dialogue box.
  • Filter the search people on Skype online. Specific countries, cities, age and gender may also be preferred to minimize the users returned in the search results.
  • Reduce the search results by one clicking the header bar’s search results on the Skype account.
  • View the search result. Choose the name of the profile to know more profile information. To add the one in your friend contacts, click the “add account.” If that person accepts your friend request, her/his account would be shown in your contact on Skype after your request has been accepted.

Searching Multiple Users

Instead of finding all contact names separately, you can get names from social media to find many people at a single time. Open your contact menu and click import contacts. Select the service from that you need to import details and sign in with your matching account. Your Skype account will show the name list of your entire contacts. Intemperate the boxes by people you do not need to add and after that, you can willingly send invitations to normal contacts who are not using Skype.

Finding on some other devices

The methods to reach the client search screen on other Skype versions differ a bit from the usual windows edition. On android or windows mobile tap the menu icon and then touch “add people.” On the iOS mobile, touch “people” tracked by the add contacts sign and touch “search skype users.” In case you are the user of windows 8 version of Skype then right click on the screen anywhere, after that tap or click “add contact.”

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