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Executive resume writing – Branding Multinational Leaders

Executive resume writingWe at Sharp Resumes understand, finding employment that suits your skills can be an arduous task. Often an employer has seen hundreds of resumes from qualified applicants. Unfortunately very few actually get read. You need to separate yourself from the crowd. If your resume isn’t designed to grab attention your wasting time, money and opportunities. That’ where we can help! Executive resume writing services will give you attractive resume that will definitely help you to get the job.

Our team of certified writers know what employers are looking for. Our simple, concise yet engaging resumes are guaranteed to have prospective employers wanting your skills, experience or education. We guarantee an interview within 30 days or we’ll rewrite your resume for free!

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And ordering is easy. Simply answer a few questions regarding your past work history, then upload, e-mail or fax us a copy of your current resume. That’s all there is to it. Then we’ll create a resume that represents you as the candidate of choice. You have nothing to lose and a career to gain!

Executive resume writing – Conducting a Job Search

Conducting a job search is not always the easiest thing to do. While there are hundreds of ways to conduct a job search knowing the right keys to conducting a job search will make it easier and more effective. When it comes to the World Wide Web there are many sources of information to obtain that is free. Three basic steps for conducting a job search are preparing, implementing the search, and maintaining the search.

The first step to getting a job is deciding what you want to do. Getting any type of job just to have work will not make you, the employer, or co-employees happy. Take time to think about the type of job you want. Do you want to work inside or outside? Do you want to be in an office? What type of work do you enjoy doing? What are the things most important to you in finding work? What professional goals do you have for the future? Will you be happy working for this company? Asking these questions will help you in your job search. Check out your career options by looking at America’s Career InfoNet and/or The Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The next step should be a research about different types of jobs as well as different companies. This research will help you sell yourself as a positive candidate during the interview. Many companies have information such as history, philosophy, and etc. Having background information about a company will be beneficial in writing the resume and the cover letter. Use the background information about a company to write the resume. Use key words or “buzz” words for different duties of the employees.

Implementing the job search should begin with networking. This is a great way to learn about different companies and a great way to get referrals. Networking is talking to people about the type of job you want, but never ask directly for them to give you a job. Sometimes meeting people and developing friendships will later lead to the referral you need. Sometimes these friends may know people who work for different companies and they can tell them about you. Networking is a great way to get interviews but the rest is up to you.

Conducting a job search should include print sources and online sources. Check some of these publications to see if they have job listings for the specific type of work you want: College Placement Annual, Moody’s Manuals, The Wall Street Journal, professional journals, and various newspapers of the area. Ask the librarian for information about print sources. She/he will usually know what print and online sources are available in the library and often may know key words in helping to conduct the job search.

Various different indexes are available on the Internet. Many of these are listed in alphabetical order. Another way to conduct a job search is through using various search engines available on the Internet. Search engines are devices that send out inquiries to various sites on the web. There are search engines and metasearch engines that can be used when conducting a job search on the Internet. Knowing specific key words is important in using search engines. Websites for jobs are numerous on the Internet. Many of these are quite legitimate but some of these want your money and offer little service. It is important to check these websites for reliability.

Many of the websites will ask for information that you may not want to give. In fact, be careful of giving your personal information to any company until you know for certain that it is a legitimate and trustworthy company. Never register on a website until you have researched the company. It is important to read all the instructions and have a thorough understanding of how the company uses your personal information before listing it.

Executive resume writing – Some keys for conducting a job search are:

  • Know the type of job you want
  • Do research on companies where you would like to work
  • Send out resumes and cover letters
  • Check both printed and online sources for job opportunities

Stay in touch with companies where you have placed your resume. Sometimes companies may not be hiring one day and the next they need someone. Follow up with all resumes sent and keep checking back because eventually the door may open for employment.

Remember preparation begins with knowing the type of job you want and creating a resume. Implementing the job search starts with networking. Maintaining the job search is checking back with companies to see if they may be hiring later on. These three keys will make a difference in the job search.

Resume Resources Online

Looking for help on writing your resume? The Internet has hundreds of sites about resumes and how to write them. The problem is finding websites that offer genuine help. Many of these websites give free tips and suggestions for resumes while others provide resume service. Using different search engines will give you a list of websites that offer resume help. However, many of these are companies that offer resume help for a fee.

Use different search engines to find resume help online. and are two search engines that have numerous types of resume websites available. Carefully review these different websites to see how accurate the information is. Many of these websites offer beneficial information that will help you in writing resumes, cover letters, or etc.
Here are some websites that offer free help with writing a resume.

The Kansas University is one example of a website with informative information on writing resumes. It suggests different keys for resume writing including content and style. It discusses how to write a cover letter and post-interview letters.

The OWL Online Writing Lab offers a variety of help with professional writing such as writing needed in conducting a job search. It gives general advice for a resume as well as advice for specific sections of the resume. This website gives advice on employment letters and documents.

LEO Write Place Catalogue (website) discusses resumes and cover letters. It gives information about different types of resumes, such as chronological resumes, functional resumes, imaginative resumes, and skills resumes. It gives advice for different parts of the resume.

Career Services at Virginia Tech gives advice on creating resumes. It includes answers to specific questions such as “Should I include my GPA?” The website even gives a how-to on shaking hands in an interview. Advice on interviews are also a part of this website.

If you are looking for a resume service be careful choosing the company. Many resume services take the information and put it into a standard form. It is like buying a pair of shoes that fits everyone. Successful resumes are created step-by-step using key words for the specific employer. A resume needs to be as persuasive as possible as it lists the work experience and education of the individual.

A great resume service will do its homework before giving you the resume. It will take time to research the company you will be applying to. The resume writer will use this information in creating the resume.

The resume service will use key words designed for the company you want to work at. Key words or “buzz” words are individual to each company. These key words will stand out when the employer scans over the resume.
A quality resume service will be eye appealing. Often glancing at resumes the employer will select those that are attractive and neat. The employer usually wants something a little different than the rest of the resumes.

Executive resume writing – Some important questions to ask about resume service are:

  • How long has the company been in service? Most legitimate resume service companies will be in business for several years.
  • Who are the writers? Writers usually have areas of expertise. Are resumes one of these?
  • Do they guarantee their resume service? If not, they are not interested in the customer.

Using different search engines will list numerous listings of resume help. Many of these websites offer free information in guiding you to write a resume. Many of the websites are simply companies who want you to use their service. is a resume service that is dependable and reliable. Our team of writers has been writing for over eight years. Our writers take the time to meet the needs of the client and the work is guaranteed.

Standing Out From Your Competitors

Want to stand out above your competitors? Employers want to know their future employees are capable and qualified for the job. The best way to stand out above your competitors is to have a winning essay giving your qualification for the job. Using resumes, cover letters and other employment documents that are superior will help you to stand out from your competitors.

The best way to stand out over your competition is to sell yourself. This means persuading the employer you are the best person for the job. The best way to do this is to learn all you can about the company and the position. Research is necessary to find this information. Research shows the best employers to contact. Contacting the right employers give you a better chance of being interviewed.

When writing any type of employment documents, it is important to address the specific audience that will be reading these materials. These documents must be able to persuade the employer that you have the qualifications to do the job. Using key words is one of the best ways to show this. Key words are nouns and verbs that are used only by a specific career or company. It is important to have the right words to stand out from competitors. These key words should be used to express work experience and education such as names of specific duties performed in a listing of work experience. Neat employment letters and resume may make the difference whether the employer becomes interested in you or your competitor.

Take the opportunity to go to job fairs. Often you will be able to talk to key employers at these fairs. Take time to get acquainted with people and add these to your network of contacts. Networking will help you to stand out from your competitors as well as often provide referrals needed for job interviews or references. Often different people may know others in your field of expertise that may open the door for you. Often networking is the best way to find out about different companies or employers. Some places to add to your network system are members of the church, former co-workers, or career counselors. Think about who may know that might make a referral for you or to give you information about specific companies. Knowing the right person may make a difference in whether you get the job or your competitor.

Check out professional association websites on the Internet. Many of these will have a help wanted site letting people know what opportunities are available. Sometimes there will be an entry fee for membership. Never join a website just to get the job listings because many of these companies may not be legitimate. However, legitimate associations will often help you know the latest in the industry. Many of these associations have local meetings and events you can attend to meet new people and add to your list of networks.

Send your resume and a cover letter to companies you are interested in being a part of their team. When sending a resume do not fold it into a business letter, but place the resume and cover letter into a 9 x 11 envelope. This allows the resume to be seen by the employer without it being wrinkled. Often first impressions are lasting impressions. Never staple any of the documents. Place your address label on the top left corner with correct postage on the envelope. Type out a label with the address of the company and place it on the 9 x 11 envelope.

Once you have made contacts, placed resumes, and interviewed a company, do not stop. Continue to follow-up. Check back with employers to see if they are hiring yet. While the employer may not need anyone today the situation may change unexpectedly tomorrow. Always remember to thank the employer for an interview in a post-interview letter.

Check to see if you have a resume that stands out from others. Check your network for opportunities that competitors may not have. Continue to follow up on different opportunities.

Executive resume writing – What Is a Resume?

A resume is a tool designed to win an interview and eventually lead to the person getting the job he/she wants. A successful resume convinces the employer that the person would be the type of person he/she wants as an employee. In many ways a resume is like advertising in that it sells the person to the employer. The resume is written to attract the attention of the employer so the employer will call the person and give him/her an interview.
A resume establishes the person as an individual who has worth and merit. It shows the person has good writing skills with the ability to express oneself as a worthy candidate of working for the employer. The resume is a tool that clearly tells the employer that he/she has experience in different areas that will make a difference if the individual is hired.

A resume is like an application in that it lists past history, education, and references. This allows the employer to see what the person is like. If the employer likes what the resume says, then the individual will get an interview. Interviewing takes time and effort. An employer wants to know what candidates are worthy of his/her time. A successful resume shows the employer that he/she has the qualities and characteristics the employer wants.

A successful resume should highlight the job seeker’s relevant information including skills, education, and qualifications. It should use key words showing the ability to understand the specific type of work involved. A resume should not be generic but individually designed for the specific company and position.

A resume is a selling tool that shows the employer what the individual is capable of doing. It shows the educational background as well as the employment background of the individual. Most employers briefly glance at the resumes and decide which resumes to spend more time reading or deciding whom to grant interviews with. The most important element in a resume is the value of the individual shown on the resume. The resume shows the ability to shove problems, meet deadlines, set goals, and produce results. The only way a resume can do all of this is through key words or often called “buzz?words. Every word in the resume should have a purpose. It is important to delete any unnecessary words so more of a focus can be placed on these “buzz?words.

A resume is a tool showing the professional reflection of “you?as an individual. The importance of a resume being written professionally is understated. Many people believe the resume is just a link to getting the door open but it is in reality a tool that tells the employer things about you that may be mentioned in the interview or even later down the career ladder. This resume is placed in an employee’s file if the individual is hired and may be referred to later if necessary.

The number one complaint that many employers state about resumes is they lack specific objectives. Creating a well-written and well-focused objective section may make the difference in whether you get the interview or even if you get the job. Employers want to know what your objectives will be in the future. Is this a job that only is endured for financial reasons or is this a job with a hope of a future in the company? What are your objectives? Why do you want to work for this company? These are issues most employers want to know.

Think about a resume as a tool that sells the individual to the employer. One resume will not fit every job. Most resumes are briefly scanned as the employer watches for key words that will meet the characteristics of the employee he wants to hire. A resume can make a difference in whether an applicant is hired or not.

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