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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018When it comes to link anchor text it is best to use it in moderation. One of the corollaries of link building is what we call link diversity. It’s the idea that you want your links coming from a variety of sources, but also you want them to use a variety of anchor text. The search engines, particularly Google, call it natural link building. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

The idea is to produce an effect that looks natural. In other words, if you left the link building to its own devices, would people you have no control or sway over link to you naturally the way that you are trying to do it, using the same kind of anchor text and the same page sources?

It is really difficult to “look natural”, but rather easy to be natural. If you just do it without trying anything fancy then it can seem as natural as gravity. But some people try too hard.

Make a list of your most important key phrases. Those phrases can be your anchor text.But you don’t want the same anchor text from every source you link from. You want to vary it. So divide up the sources that you are targeting for links and assign an anchor text to each one. Write your content for that anchor text and send it out. The site owner will either reject it or accept it. If they reject it, it’s no big deal. You do have other sites to target. But if your content is accepted then go with that.

It’s really that simple. Over time, targeting a variety of anchor texts will cause your pages to rise in rankings for those phrases. You have to be patient.

Premium WordPress Themes – Links With Content

If you’re wanting to build links then you might have read in a few places that you can build something called “link bait”. Link bait is just a fancy name for content that is so good that it attracts links from other websites. Those links, being relevant and from authoritative websites, will give your website a boost in the search engines.

Make no mistake, link bait is one of the most over hyped concepts in search engine optimization. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or doesn’t work. I am saying that a lot of emphasis is put on it that probably shouldn’t be. I’m also convinced that the best way to build links over the long haul is simply to focus on creating great content.

If you consistently produce outstanding content on your blog and website then you’ll attract the kind of links that you want. Instead of trying to produce content that will attract links, try to write great content that will attract readers. Your readers will link to you if they like your content. Over time you’ll begin to attract more readers and they in turn will do their part to link to you as well. But the links don’t come because you focus on getting links. They come because you focus on delivering great content to your readers.

Premium WordPress Themes – Which Content

Link building is a tough task yet every time you publish a new page on your blog or web site you increase the potential for inbound links. If you think about it, if there is no content then there is little to link to; the more content you have, the more links you can attract. That doesn’t mean you can publish just anything and expect others to link to it. You need to provide a reason for that link and it all comes back to that one word – content. There are many different types of content but three standout as ideal link building elements:

Humor – everyone loves a laugh and if you can provide the right humor at the right time then you can gain a lot of links, often quite quickly.

Controversy – if you have a controversial attitude to life then publishing your point of view could become popular – at least to those that think along your lines or who love an argument. You will also be surprised how quickly you can build inbound links once you become popular.

Of course, for many commercial or professional website, those two approaches may not be appropriate. There is always one type of content that will attract links:

Information – provide information that is timely and useful for your readers and you will build a following. Produce information that is definitive for your niche and you will develop a lot links quickly.

The bottom line is very simple – if you provide content that is worth linking to, others will provide quality links. If you provide content that is rubbish then the only links your likely to get will be the rubbish ones. Which content is best for link building as part of your off site, long term search engine optimization strategy – good content of course!

Premium WordPress Themes – Content

You’ve heard it said that content is king. A few people have signed great content is king. Or original content is king. Whatever it is, a few clever souls will often come back and claim that something else is queen – links, pretty pictures, Latifah, a basket of rocks, etc.

Silliness aside, I don’t care who is queen, links are content and content is king. OK, cliche, but how about this? Unique, original, awesome content is king. Did I cover my bases?

SEOs like to separate links from content, presumably because content is often thought of as on-page while off-page SEO such as links is considered a separate animal. It may be more important, less important, or equal depending on who you talk to but it’s separate. But I don’t see it that way. Links are a part of content and content is the most important thing you can create for yourself.

Links are content in one very simple way: They help you build your reputation and drive rankings. It’s time to start thinking about your web strategy holistically instead of piecemeal.

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