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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018If you’ve noticed that certain web pages have lost search rank in the last couple of months then you may be wondering why. According to Blogstorm, it’s because Google has devalued anchor text in its algorithms. But according to Google Webmaster Central, one of the two most important, quality inbound links counted are links with good, relevant anchor text. The other is a link where the URL is hyperlinked. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

If the anchor text has been devalued then why is Google saying that anchor text links are one of the two most important types of inbound links? My guess is because that anchor text is still important, but it’s not – as Blogstorm points out – as important as it was a year ago as part of a search engine optimization strategy.

We know that Google is constantly updating its algorithms. It’s possible that this may be a measure to combat Google bombs. It could also be an attempt to combat paid links without hurting sites that legitimately use natural linking methods and their inbound link recipients.

If you’ll look at the diagram on Google’s blog post, it seems to say that the two types of important links are fairly equal. It doesn’t say that one is more important than the other. But if the same blog post were written a year then I’d guess that it might show that anchor text links are given more weight than links where the website’s URL is the link. Am I reading too much into this?

Nevertheless, it does seem as if anchor text has been given a little less weight lately than it has in the past.

Premium WordPress Themes – Inbound Link

Google wrapped up its blog series on links last night with a post on inbound links. Quite frankly, I’m not a bit surprised at the message they delivered, but I am surprised that the post was much shorter than I anticipated. Their post on outbound links was much more detailed.

Reading the Google Webmaster Central Blog, one might think that Google values outbound links more than inbound links when it comes to good search engine optimization strategy. That could be because of Google’s philosophy that the Web is a massive connection of networked computers. Links are what the Web is all about. Why then do we say “Content is King?”

It all boils down to POV. From the perspective of individual webmasters, quality content is your value. Put up a blank page as a website and what will you get? There is nowhere on earth where “you get out what you put in” is more relevant and more true than in website development. In a word, links are content. But that doesn’t mean you can build a page with nothing more than links and do well. It does mean that you should consider links as a part of your content.

If Google is correct and natural linking patterns are the preferred way to link from site to site and from page to page then to think of links as anything other than a piece of your content is a bit foolhardy. Links are the commerce of the Web. That’s why anchor text is so important. According to the Google Webmaster Central Blog, there are three levels of link relevance:

  • Inbound link with anchor text and valuable content message
  • Inbound link using URL as hyperlink and valuable content message
  • Inbound link using URL as hyperlink and generic content message

The first levels of relevance are described as “Quality, relevant” inbound links. The last level is described as “low quality”. If that doesn’t tell you what Google is looking for then I don’t know what will. But the real meat of Google’s blog post is in the how. How can you get those types of quality links that every webmaster is looking for? Here’s a quick laundry list:

  • Start a blog
  • Make videos
  • Use original research
  • Post interesting information regularly
  • Be a teacher
  • Deliver something new
  • Be entertaining
  • Be insightful
  • Become an expert
  • Interview interesting people in your niche
  • Participate in other blogs in your niche
  • Post user reviews
  • Provide a useful product or service

Interestingly, Google doesn’t mention buying paid links, submitting press releases, article marketing, directory submissions, or one of the many other methods of link building often touted by the top search engine optimization “experts.” That’s because Google’s philosophy is based on natural linking methods, not forced link building strategies. While directory submissions, articles, press releases, and other types of links can be good inbound links for your website, though I wouldn’t recommend buying links as that might get your site penalized, the best way to get inbound links is to produce quality content on your site. Then if you succeed at building a website that people love, they will link to you automatically with natural links that Google will favor.

Premium WordPress Themes – Affiliate Marketing

Article marketing is a good way to drive traffic and build links as part of your search engine optimization efforts to any website or property online. But what is the most effective way to use article marketing to promote your affiliate products and services? If you promote your affiliate companies directly then you are building links for them, not for you. And you miss all future marketing opportunities because you have no private information capture.

While you may make more sales by sending buyers directly to companies whose products and services you want to promote, you’ll probably make more money by capturing e-mail addresses for marketing to those buyers directly in the future. That’s why I recommend setting up a landing page for each product or service you want to promote and using articles to drive traffic to that landing page. On that landing you page you can capture e-mail information for future marketing purposes AND close the sale. In fact, you should ask for the e-mail address at the point of sale before sending the lead to the company with the product for purchase.

Of course, your landing page should be highly optimized, as should your articles. But this is the best way to promote your affiliate programs with articles.

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