Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018When it comes to link anchor text it is best to use it in moderation. One of the corollaries of link building is what we call link diversity. It’s the idea that you want your links coming from a variety of sources, but also you want them to use a variety of anchor text. The search engines, particularly Google, call it natural link building. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

The idea is to produce an effect that looks natural. In other words, if you left the link building to its own devices, would people you have no control or sway over link to you naturally the way that you are trying to do it, using the same kind of anchor text and the same page sources?

It is really difficult to “look natural”, but rather easy to be natural. If you just do it without trying anything fancy then it can seem as natural as gravity. But some people try too hard.

Make a list of your most important key phrases. Those phrases can be your anchor text.But you don’t want the same anchor text from every source you link from. You want to vary it. So divide up the sources that you are targeting for links and assign an anchor text to each one. Write your content for that anchor text and send it out. The site owner will either reject it or accept it. If they reject it, it’s no big deal. You do have other sites to target. But if your content is accepted then go with that.

It’s really that simple. Over time, targeting a variety of anchor texts will cause your pages to rise in rankings for those phrases. You have to be patient.

Premium WordPress Themes – Links With Content

If you’re wanting to build links then you might have read in a few places that you can build something called “link bait”. Link bait is just a fancy name for content that is so good that it attracts links from other websites. Those links, being relevant and from authoritative websites, will give your website a boost in the search engines.

Make no mistake, link bait is one of the most over hyped concepts in search engine optimization. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or doesn’t work. I am saying that a lot of emphasis is put on it that probably shouldn’t be. I’m also convinced that the best way to build links over the long haul is simply to focus on creating great content.

If you consistently produce outstanding content on your blog and website then you’ll attract the kind of links that you want. Instead of trying to produce content that will attract links, try to write great content that will attract readers. Your readers will link to you if they like your content. Over time you’ll begin to attract more readers and they in turn will do their part to link to you as well. But the links don’t come because you focus on getting links. They come because you focus on delivering great content to your readers.

Premium WordPress Themes – Which Content

Link building is a tough task yet every time you publish a new page on your blog or web site you increase the potential for inbound links. If you think about it, if there is no content then there is little to link to; the more content you have, the more links you can attract. That doesn’t mean you can publish just anything and expect others to link to it. You need to provide a reason for that link and it all comes back to that one word – content. There are many different types of content but three standout as ideal link building elements:

Humor – everyone loves a laugh and if you can provide the right humor at the right time then you can gain a lot of links, often quite quickly.

Controversy – if you have a controversial attitude to life then publishing your point of view could become popular – at least to those that think along your lines or who love an argument. You will also be surprised how quickly you can build inbound links once you become popular.

Of course, for many commercial or professional website, those two approaches may not be appropriate. There is always one type of content that will attract links:

Information – provide information that is timely and useful for your readers and you will build a following. Produce information that is definitive for your niche and you will develop a lot links quickly.

The bottom line is very simple – if you provide content that is worth linking to, others will provide quality links. If you provide content that is rubbish then the only links your likely to get will be the rubbish ones. Which content is best for link building as part of your off site, long term search engine optimization strategy – good content of course!

Premium WordPress Themes – Content

You’ve heard it said that content is king. A few people have signed great content is king. Or original content is king. Whatever it is, a few clever souls will often come back and claim that something else is queen – links, pretty pictures, Latifah, a basket of rocks, etc.

Silliness aside, I don’t care who is queen, links are content and content is king. OK, cliche, but how about this? Unique, original, awesome content is king. Did I cover my bases?

SEOs like to separate links from content, presumably because content is often thought of as on-page while off-page SEO such as links is considered a separate animal. It may be more important, less important, or equal depending on who you talk to but it’s separate. But I don’t see it that way. Links are a part of content and content is the most important thing you can create for yourself.

Links are content in one very simple way: They help you build your reputation and drive rankings. It’s time to start thinking about your web strategy holistically instead of piecemeal.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 – Clean Templates

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018If you’ve noticed that certain web pages have lost search rank in the last couple of months then you may be wondering why. According to Blogstorm, it’s because Google has devalued anchor text in its algorithms. But according to Google Webmaster Central, one of the two most important, quality inbound links counted are links with good, relevant anchor text. The other is a link where the URL is hyperlinked. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

If the anchor text has been devalued then why is Google saying that anchor text links are one of the two most important types of inbound links? My guess is because that anchor text is still important, but it’s not – as Blogstorm points out – as important as it was a year ago as part of a search engine optimization strategy.

We know that Google is constantly updating its algorithms. It’s possible that this may be a measure to combat Google bombs. It could also be an attempt to combat paid links without hurting sites that legitimately use natural linking methods and their inbound link recipients.

If you’ll look at the diagram on Google’s blog post, it seems to say that the two types of important links are fairly equal. It doesn’t say that one is more important than the other. But if the same blog post were written a year then I’d guess that it might show that anchor text links are given more weight than links where the website’s URL is the link. Am I reading too much into this?

Nevertheless, it does seem as if anchor text has been given a little less weight lately than it has in the past.

Premium WordPress Themes – Inbound Link

Google wrapped up its blog series on links last night with a post on inbound links. Quite frankly, I’m not a bit surprised at the message they delivered, but I am surprised that the post was much shorter than I anticipated. Their post on outbound links was much more detailed.

Reading the Google Webmaster Central Blog, one might think that Google values outbound links more than inbound links when it comes to good search engine optimization strategy. That could be because of Google’s philosophy that the Web is a massive connection of networked computers. Links are what the Web is all about. Why then do we say “Content is King?”

It all boils down to POV. From the perspective of individual webmasters, quality content is your value. Put up a blank page as a website and what will you get? There is nowhere on earth where “you get out what you put in” is more relevant and more true than in website development. In a word, links are content. But that doesn’t mean you can build a page with nothing more than links and do well. It does mean that you should consider links as a part of your content.

If Google is correct and natural linking patterns are the preferred way to link from site to site and from page to page then to think of links as anything other than a piece of your content is a bit foolhardy. Links are the commerce of the Web. That’s why anchor text is so important. According to the Google Webmaster Central Blog, there are three levels of link relevance:

  • Inbound link with anchor text and valuable content message
  • Inbound link using URL as hyperlink and valuable content message
  • Inbound link using URL as hyperlink and generic content message

The first levels of relevance are described as “Quality, relevant” inbound links. The last level is described as “low quality”. If that doesn’t tell you what Google is looking for then I don’t know what will. But the real meat of Google’s blog post is in the how. How can you get those types of quality links that every webmaster is looking for? Here’s a quick laundry list:

  • Start a blog
  • Make videos
  • Use original research
  • Post interesting information regularly
  • Be a teacher
  • Deliver something new
  • Be entertaining
  • Be insightful
  • Become an expert
  • Interview interesting people in your niche
  • Participate in other blogs in your niche
  • Post user reviews
  • Provide a useful product or service

Interestingly, Google doesn’t mention buying paid links, submitting press releases, article marketing, directory submissions, or one of the many other methods of link building often touted by the top search engine optimization “experts.” That’s because Google’s philosophy is based on natural linking methods, not forced link building strategies. While directory submissions, articles, press releases, and other types of links can be good inbound links for your website, though I wouldn’t recommend buying links as that might get your site penalized, the best way to get inbound links is to produce quality content on your site. Then if you succeed at building a website that people love, they will link to you automatically with natural links that Google will favor.

Premium WordPress Themes – Affiliate Marketing

Article marketing is a good way to drive traffic and build links as part of your search engine optimization efforts to any website or property online. But what is the most effective way to use article marketing to promote your affiliate products and services? If you promote your affiliate companies directly then you are building links for them, not for you. And you miss all future marketing opportunities because you have no private information capture.

While you may make more sales by sending buyers directly to companies whose products and services you want to promote, you’ll probably make more money by capturing e-mail addresses for marketing to those buyers directly in the future. That’s why I recommend setting up a landing page for each product or service you want to promote and using articles to drive traffic to that landing page. On that landing you page you can capture e-mail information for future marketing purposes AND close the sale. In fact, you should ask for the e-mail address at the point of sale before sending the lead to the company with the product for purchase.

Of course, your landing page should be highly optimized, as should your articles. But this is the best way to promote your affiliate programs with articles.

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Your blog theme is important not from an SEO point of view, but from a customer optimization point of view. I remember talking to an older Internet marketer that chose not to do business with one company because of its color scheme. It seems strange, but he had a point. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

“If I start marketing their products,” he said, “I will have to stare at that color scheme all day long. It is too dark and it is too hard to read. I don’t need the eyestrain.”

The thing was, the site appealed to me visually, but it had a black background with a light gray font which, while stunning, was hard to read. In addition, the font was small, which made it an enormous turn off to my older friend.

Pick your blog’s theme carefully
All the optimization in the world will not help you turn a profit if your customers don’t want to stay. You can get creative and artistic with your headers and stuff, but when it comes to your basic color scheme, light backgrounds and simple fonts work best. Aim for a good contrast with a dark font and light background. Other than that, anything goes.

Premium WordPress Themes – Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face facts, not all sites need analytics. If you have a five page simple website then analytics are not for you. There is little that can be gleaned from analytics on a simple website that cannot be gleaned from a web counter on a small site.

On big sites, however, analytics come into their own. A website does not have to be a whole lot bigger than five pages for analytics to make sense. Once you start fleshing out your page with content, it is time for analytics, why? Because you want to know what works.

Analytics allows you, the webmaster to monitor which parts of your site are getting hits and which parts are not. Alexa does not cut it in this regard. The sort of information that constitutes real business intelligence is generally provided on a subscription basis. It is affordable, so it is relatively easy to bring it into your site as you begin to build it.

If you are interested in the potential that analytics can offer your site, please do not hesitate to contact us at Brick Marketing.

Premium WordPress Themes – Site Search

One great tool you can use to improve your SEO and the user experience on your website is called Site Search. Google Analytics allows you to track what your users are searching for. You can see what pages they are on when they search and where they end up. Then you use the information you gather from the analytics tool to improve the SEO of your website and the experience of your users based on what they’ve searched for on your site.

Site Search is easy to set up, but there is a free and a paid version. Which you use is up to you, but I’d definitely put it on your website, especially if you have a website that has a lot of pages on it. Some of the great information about your site visitors that you can gain from the tool are:

  • Search terms they use
  • Start pages
  • Destination pages
  • Categories they search for
  • Trending allows you to see individual user statistics over time
  • Segments lets you group your users and see how they act as groups

It’s the perfect tool for large websites with lots of information.

Who’s Your GoDaddy? Google Tag Teams Webmaster Tools

At BlogWorld, an audience member asked me to share my #1 SEO recommendation for bloggers. Tough question, right? I told the audience that every blogger should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools.

Andy Beal’s advice is stellar. GoDaddy is one of the best web hosts online and no blogger should go one day without Google Webmaster Tools. The information you get as a part of Google Webmaster Tools is unquestionably the best you can get anywhere. You can manage your Google AdWords account, read the Google blog, add your sitemaps, report spam and paid links, check your gmail messages, and they have a host of other features as well.

And GoDaddy? What do they have to offer? That’s easy:

  • Hosting plans starting at $3.99 per month
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Firewalls
  • Dedicated servers
  • Up to 2,000 GB data transfer
  • Up to 200 GB disk space

When it comes to webmaster tools for you small online business, Google and GoDaddy make a good team.

Brick Marketing Launches New Blog: Website Marketing Journal

Last week, Brick Marketing launched another blog. The Website Marketing Journal is focused on bringing daily blog posts to help website owners improve their overall marketing efforts for each website they own. Going beyond search engine optimization and web page design, Website Marketing Journal is devoted to covering the full scope of marketing a website without it being too broad of a subject matter.

Website Marketing Journal was officially launched on September 1, 2007. Since then, Brick Marketing has posted five blog posts, including:

  • Understanding Website Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Marketing Tools For Building Your Safe List
  • Easy Ways To Boost Your Website’s Lead Generation Potential
  • Branding Your Website
  • Choosing Better Keywords For Website Search Engine Optimization

Over the next few weeeks, Website Marketing Journal will cover the following topics more in depth:

  • Website branding
  • Website customer management
  • Website lead generation
  • Website local advertising
  • Website marketing content
  • Website marketing tools
  • Website sales
  • Website search engine marketing
  • Website search engine optimization

For daily insights on how to make the most of your website marketing potential through organic search strategies as well as through other effective website marketing tools, be sure to read the Website Marketing Journal.

Premium WordPress Themes – Query Information

As you know, the queries used to find your website in search results can change over time. Your website content changes, as do the needs of all the busy searchers out there. Whether the queries associated with your site change subtly or dramatically, it’s pretty useful to see how they transform over time.

This is a useful feature. If you want to know how queries that led to increased traffic to your site have changed over time, now you can get this information at Google’s Webmaster Central. This has been a useful tool for webmasters all along, but now it’s even better.

Google is now letting webmasters see this information as far back as 6 months. If certain search queries that found your site six months ago aren’t leading to results for you now, you can go back and analyze that and find out why. Maybe you’ve watered down your SEO or maybe people aren’t using certain queries as much as they were six months ago. People do change their search habits based on past search experiences and they do get better at it.

In all, I’d say this feature is long overdue. I’m glad they’ve come up with it.

Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesTesting your landing pages is one of the most important parts about being an effective online marketer. You should be testing constantly. But there are different types of tests. You can run A/B tests or multivariate tests and which one you use on your site depends on a number of factors. Quality premium wordpress themes for your website.

A/B testing is when you have two pages, or two elements on the same page, that you want to test side by side. For instance, let’s say you have a landing page that currently converts at 5.5%, but you think you can increase that by changing your headline. So you rewrite the headline and test the new headline against the old headline. This is an A/B test. After a predefined number of page views for your new web page, you’ll have a clear picture on which headline is better for conversions. If your old headline wins then you do nothing. If your new headline wins then you make that page live – nothing on the page changes other than your headline.

A multivariate test is a bit more involved. In this case you are testing multiple elements at the same time, hence the name. By testing multiple variables simultaneously, you can arrive at a conclusion much sooner. Maybe you want to know which headline of three and which call to action of two are most effective. You can determine that through multivariate testing.

Another way to conduct multivariate testing is by running a test on a combination of variables. Suppose, for instance, you want to know which mix of headlines and calls to action will be most effective. You can test that with multivariate testing as well.

Which type of test you run for your landing pages depends on your goals and the individual web pages you are testing. There are times when you’ll use the A/B test and then other times when the multivariate test is more appropriate. But one thing is clear: You’ll want to develop your testing of landing pages strategy early on and always work toward improvement.

What’s A Good Conversion Rate?

Before you start to think about search engine optimziation, I always recommend that the content and structure of a website is built with conversion elements. When it comes to conversion rates, they’re not all created equal. I have seen conversion rates for clients over the years as high as 15% and as low as 0%. It’s one thing to say that 2% is good, but it’s quite another to say that 2% is good for landing pages within such-and-such industry. In truth, 2% is not bad for conversion rates. If you can snag a 2% on any of your landing pages then you are doing pretty well. But what did you have to do to get to that?

If 2% is your starting point then you can probably do better. You should consider testing your landing page and using Website Optimizer to help you achieve the best mix of variables for your landing page. Obviously, 4% is a better conversion rate than 2% so if you can improve your conversion rate then that’s even better.

But another startling fact – startling if you’re new to online marketing, or marketing in general – is that conversion rates differ from industry to industry. What is considered good for one industry may only be mediocre for another. And there are several factors that influence conversion rate averages. It is important to have some idea of what is considered normal for your industry so that you can benchmark your own success against that of others in the same niche. One way you can do that is to ascribe goals for your landing pages within Google Analytics.

Conversion rate measurement is one important metric. You can’t change or influence what you don’t measure so keep an eye on your conversion rate and whatever it is when you start your measurements can probably be improved upon.

Optimize Your Web Pages With Website Optimizer

Google is constantly adding new offerings to help webmasters better optimize their websites and increase their conversions. One tool I’d recommend for any website, beginner or advanced, is Website Optimizer.

If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account then using Website Optimizer is a cinch. Even better if you use Google AdWords and/or Google Analytics. Website Optimizer is designed to allow you to test different versions of a landing page to see which one converts better. If you use it correctly then it will do that well.

The first step, of course, is to choose the page you want to test. The next step is to create alternate versions of your web page. It’s important to note that you can test more than one variable so if you wanted to test three different headlines and four calls to action, you could upload different versions of the web page to see which one converts better. You could mix and match your headlines with calls to action and test all the various combinations if you wanted to. In fact, that’s a highly recommend strategy.

Website Optimizer would then rotate these pages to your visitors and over time you’ll be able to tell which page is best optimized for converting your traffic. One word of warning: I wouldn’t recommend testing 12 different pages at once because the test period will take longer. Website Optimizer is best used to test 3 to 5 versions of the same web page. Given the above scenario, I’d test one headline with each of the four calls to action and pick the best one. Then I’d test the next headline against the calls to action and then I’d test the third headline. After getting the best headline/call to action combination, I’d then test those three best performers against each other to see which landing page ultimately passes the test.

Website Optimizer is a great tool for webmasters. It’s a great tool for testing landing pages and I highly recommend it.

Premium WordPress Themes – Best StudioPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesVideo conferencing for inter-office employee meetings and training sessions saves time, money for travel expenses and salaries while gone from the home office. High quality premium wordpress themes for your business website.

Employees can purchase a company-quality webcam for about $50 or less, or an HD quality webcam for less than $100. They can use their own computer or smart phone to view and participate in video meetings. More savvy users will connect their Internet with television screens and/or projectors to view the video meetings, but may not be able to participate in them, depending on what device they use to connect with.

Thanks to the reduced or eliminated travel costs, companies are now holding monthly employee meetings. Companies also use the video conferencing technology to bring board members together for meetings. PowerPoint presentations, recorded videos, audio files and photos are loaded into the video meeting library for use any time they are needed. Other documents can be transferred to all attendees by simply clicking a few buttons.

Some creative companies are also solving issues with members via video conferencing. The meetings can be locked for use as a private room, or open for an entire group to attend. Up to 12 attendees can be on video at the same time. Every attendee can also have presenter and/or drawing tools access so they too can share documents, draw their thoughts on a white board, or even share their screen.

Those options help maintain a sense of community with your employees and allow board members and other company personnel to attend the meetings no matter where they are around the world. Cutting company costs while bringing people together encourages a sense of belonging, personal engagement with the company and more productivity.

Video email is a necessary tool to use for inviting all participants to the video conferences. Hearing directly from a company official and seeing them on video makes a huge difference in participation.

Does your company use video email and video conferencing yet? Global Video Group / Team GVG can help you get started today with WowWe, a leader in video communications technology.

Premium WordPress Themes – Video Conferencing Microphones and Software

When attending or moderating a video conference, you may have the option of activating your voice or webcam. In order to use those comfortably, you will need the right equipment, software and settings. These audio tips will help guide you to more comfortable video meetings.

Using a microphone and speakers normally produce echo, because the sound coming out of the speakers when others are talking, feeds back into the microphone. Some laptops have built-in settings to prevent feedback. Desktop computers need additional settings, sometimes built into the webcam or video meeting room.

Some video meeting rooms allow you to adjust your microphone settings, while others use the same settings for everyone. The video conference software provided through WowWe allows you to select which microphone you want to use in case you have multiple microphones attached to your computer. You can also select the volume level within the meeting itself without having to change it locally.

When using an audio headset, the echo is eliminated. That is the best option to attending a meeting that will have multiple microphones open at once. In that situation, when someone uses a microphone and speakers, there will inevitably be echo. It can be minimized by reducing the speaker volume to a point where you can just hear what is being said, along with muting your microphone when not speaking. That keeps the sound quality clear.

The audio software you use will depend on the microphone itself. Most often you can use a webcam that has a microphone built in. That too will have an option to reduce echo, although not a very effective one. You will still need to act as though it is a stand-alone microphone, but keep it away from your speakers. Microphones placed near speakers will result in feedback, or echo and deliver an unpleasant experience.

A major source of distraction during a productive meeting is feedback or echo from an open microphone. When in a meeting, be courteous of others and mute yourself when not speaking, especially if you do not use a headset. You could use the microphone in your webcam and either ear buds or a small, inexpensive headset.

To get more tips and training on video conferencing etiquette, become a WowWe Team GVG member today and the Global Video Group members will help you get started fast.

Premium WordPress Themes – Handling Feedback and Complaints Using Video Email

Testimonials and feedback forms are needed with small and large businesses. Every business needs feedback from their clients and customers. They tell you how you are doing, what information or training they need and how you can continue helping them better.

Complaints happen. That is one of the natural facts in life. How you handle them determines whether you will keep your business and personal relationships strong, or drive others away.

The best way to handle complaints is in person. When that is not possible, the next best thing is the telephone. While not as personal as being face to face, using the telephone has been our way of life for many years. What if there was something you want to say than you want to tell an answering service or machine?

Video calling is available on a limited selection of smart phones. Those who do not have that type of phone and even those who do, have the option of recording a video to send, save and share with others if desired.

What if for some reason the person you sent it to did not receive it, or accidentally deleted it and wants to see it again? You simply select it from your library and send it again. Try that with a video call. Once you hang up the phone that conversation is done, not available ever again.

Video email solves that problem and many others. Yes it is a one-way communication, but you will like it much better than voice mail or typing long letters. The other person will not only hear your message, they will see your expressions to get the full meaning. They will have a much better understanding and respect for you taking the time to respond personally.

Of course there are many other uses, such as: Invitations; meeting schedules; parents sending their children greetings while away; children checking in from their friends homes letting you know they arrived safely at wherever they went; thanking a prospective employer for the interview; inviting someone to a video meeting… let your imagination run wild with video email uses.

Now try video email free and see how it will improve your life. Then incorporate video conferencing into the mix and you will have the services needed to reach all your contacts personally.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Website Managers Select Banner Ads for Your Page or Blog

When adding banners to your web page or blog, you need to consider what type of banner you will display. There are several choices, ranging from static JPEG, animated GIF, transparent PNG and eye-catching flash.

When using banner ads, you have to decide what the focus of your page is – the content or the ads. Most often people will read the content and then look back at an advertisement. If your content is long enough to make people scroll down and read the rest, changes that they scroll back up to click the ad are slim.

Flash banners slow the page loading because their file sizes are generally 3-5 time larger than JPG images and their content is usually obtained from another site such as an advertising supplier.

Animated GIF images would be an improvement over JPG to grab attention, although their file sizes vary depending on several factors. The biggest factor in keeping GIF sizes smaller is omitting high resolution photos. GIF compression options are not designed to compress photos. Use 256 color graphics or lower, line art, cartoon characters and as few frames as possible, while keeping the animation smooth. Using an image compression tool will help reduce file size by decreasing the number of colors in the banner.

  1. JPG banners are there and non-intrusive. GIF banners are animated to divert attention from the content to the banner. This type of banner usually gets a higher click-through than static JPG banners.
  2. PNG is Portable Network Graphics. Although it does not include animation, it can contain transparency so the banner can blend into your background color. Depending on the banner content, the file size may be smaller than JPG, or larger if it contains high resolution photos.

When streaming video is reduced in size, it too can serve as an advertising option. It will usually not look very good as a banner, unless it is recorded for that purpose. Come to think of it, I just made one of those to track the responses. Adding a link to the video banner will be tricky, but there is a way and I found it.

Click the Play button on this banner to see how a video banner ad can also work in your advertising. The button is on the lower left and is pretty small. I could set it to play automatically but that might annoy some people.